Feonar whickers softly into the frigid predawn air and you pat her flank absently, watching the herd of plains rhinos through the steam of her rising breath.  When the time is right, you nudge your steed forward, clucking your tongue so Malice and Aforethought, your paired hunting cats, come prowling down the hill in your wake.  If you time this right, you can spook the entire herd just as the sun rises and shoo the stampede directly into the invaders' encampment on the horizon.  And then the real hunt will begin...

The Bestiary of the Speaking Lands brings a veritable menagerie of animals and exotic creatures into your Cortex games. 100 SFX make each creature a unique gaming experience.  32 pages of options and mechanics support you in featuring beasts and critters in all manner of roles as well as quickly and easily creating your own creatures.

Simple combinatorics maths says that combining the 100 creature distinctions in this book gives you access to 161,700 unique creatures!

The guidelines and mechanics the book provides helps you to:

  • Face them as obstacles, challenges, and encounters
  • Tame and train them as pets and companions
  • Ride them as mounts, steeds, and travel options
  • Use them in hunts, chases, jousts, and rodeos

The Bestiary also includes Oracles for generating creature encounters in different regions and terrains. Sample oracles are compatible with the Gazetteer of the Speaking Lands; player-created oracles can describe anywhere you can imagine. 

The Creature Creator digital tool can generate and compile trait blocks for Bestiary creatures. Try the demo browser version at the top of this page or download the full version you can use with any modern web browser.


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