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With the Dungeons behind and below them, our heroes now confront the Blasted Battlements of Tour Toriel.  Once proud and stalwart, the fortress was torn asunder by dragon attack and is now only the home of desperate ghosts... and worse.  Our heroes must traverse this ravaged landscape to get closer to their ultimate goal: the Court of the Dread Tyrant, high atop the fortress of Tour Toriel.

The Blasted Battlements features eight encounters ranging from challenges to action sequences, all in 46 pages.  The adventure can be played in one epic session (4-6 hours) or easily divided into two to four shorter sessions.

This campaign is a standalone Cortex game.  All the rules you need to play are included in this and the Dungeon book.

Also includes rules for character creation using six archetypes: the Bard, the Cleric, the Fighter, the Ranger, the Rogue, and the Wizard.

The Blasted Battlement of Tour Toriel and the rest of the Ascent to Prime campaign is rated PG and E 10+ for fantasy violence.

Ascent to Prime is flagship of Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying.

Learn Cortex by Playing Cortex

Keystone is Primed by Cortex, the award-winning world-building tabletop RPG system for forging unique, compelling game experiences from a set of modular rules mechanics.

The Blasted Battlement of Tour Toriel is the second adventure in the Ascent to Prime campaign, which teaches the mechanics of the Cortex Roleplaying Game using an epic megadungeon as its classroom.

The Blasted Battlements focuses on the plot point economy, including hindering distinctions, spending plot points, creating assets, and heroic successes.

Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying

It all starts here, but where it ends is up to you.  The characters you play in Ascent to Prime can seek out further adventures in the wider world of Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying—or retire after saving the world and leave the heroism to new characters of your own creation.

Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying is a modular roleplaying game that focuses on tools you can use in your own game alongside the wild inspirations of your own imagination.

The Ascent to Prime is only your first step into a vast, exciting world of adventure...

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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