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"Mister Hastings, direct the batteries to take aim on the battleship and inform the engine room we will need full light and full steam. It's time to show these pirates what for!"

Steampunk Space Opera

The Solar Powers ply the ether of the Greatest Sea in steam-powered ships, protecting their colonies and trading posts on distant planets. None is greater than the British Empire -- and none has more to lose. Join the Royal Astronomical Navy and protect the rights and prosperity of the greatest nation on earth.

God save the Queen!

Roleplaying with Character

Full Light, Full Steam is a steampunk space opera roleplaying game with a strong emphasis on character.

  • Point-Buy Character Creation allows you to create any flavor of naval officer that takes your fancy, from hotshot fighter pilots to gruff, hardscrabble captains to upperclass engineering chiefs who rose by nepotism and haven't the faintest idea how anything on the ship actually works.
  • The game's Thematic Batteries mechanic places character at the center of play, both in terms of roleplay as well as creating adventures that bring those characters to life.
  • The Spoils system guides players in highlighting each other's strengths and weaknesses, making characterization happen all around the table throughout the game.

This is a complete roleplaying game, ready-to-play, in a single volume. The game includes sample characters and a sample adventure, so can be played without any prep whatsoever. Or you can use the powerful customization tools to create your own Full Light, Full Steam campaign set on a ship, station, or port of your own design.


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