This is a quick-and-dirty digital tool for creating character files for the superlative Cortex Prime RPG.

It's very alpha, but I would love to hear your feedback on (a) the interesting ways you've broken it, and (b) how it can be improved.

StatusIn development
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AuthorMiriam Robern


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Ok, how do I run it? Seems like the run in browser button is disabled?

It's already running in the page, you can hit the Expand button in the bottom right of the tool's frame to make it bigger. :)


Ok, this is why I don't go looking for new tools in a hurry and without coffee. I hit that and thought I was looking at a screenshot of the tool.

You are not the first. ;)

It doesn't seem possible to edit any of the fields, at least not in Chrome.

That's super weird, since I developed and tested it in Chrome.  Which fields are you trying to edit, and where are you clicking?

I think it might have been a cache issue; it wasn't working earlier, but I reset my Chromebook; I can edit the fields, now.

Huzzah! :D

This is indeed very awesome. How would I remove the level up xp tracker, and replace it with a Marvel style stress tracker?

You can take out the XP tracker by clicking its ticky box in the first segment.  I think you could just slot in the Marvel stress tracks as a list under a category of Stress, unless I'm missing something, there (I never played MHR).

Thank you very much. I was expecting there to be a way to put the stress tracks along the edge of the sheet, where the XP track was. Now that I know to just add a category, I'll do that. Thanks for your help!

The categories are physical stress, emotional stress, mental stress.

Pretty cool so far. Having a way of changing up the names and numbers of Attributes and Skills would be nice. For example, I have a game I'm about to run with essentially Attributes and Approaches, with names adjusted to fit the theme of the campaign.

If you click on the Expand button for a trait set, the editor reveals a field called List.  It either takes a number for how many blanks you want or a comma-separated list. :)

Ah, cool. Granted, I was looking at this on a fairly small screen, so I guess I missed that. Gonna play around with it!