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The Eburnean Tower has stood for centuries as a symbol of arcane learning, sorcerous power, and the dominion of man over magic. Tonight all that will be challenged. Rivals, saboteurs, and the Tower's own ruthless students all threaten this bastion of scholarship and arcane power. Something has got to give, and there is no way to know what will survive this Vicious Crucible.


The Vicious Crucible series provides complete games of print-and-play materials that require absolutely no prep to put into play. You get:

  • six pregenerated player characters
  • a complicated, dangerous situation to dump them in
  • a map of the locale
  • basic rules for handling any kind of conflict
  • special rules for this particular Vicious Crucible

There's also a set of cardstock minis that you can print, cut out, and glue together if you get particularly ambitious and/or crafty.


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